Edible Chocolate Face Mask For Children

What theme have you kept this time for your sugar’s first tween spa birthday party?


Make-up party theme, NOW….That sounds fun.

Certainly, she will remember her birthday party for many years to come. But, I would like to tell you one thing, do not think for too many items.

Children’s skin is quite sensitive, so do not go for too many cosmetic products. Either way it is going to cost you a lot and it is not at all healthy for your princess’s skin.

You can opt for facial makeup party. I know now you must be thinking that FACIAL….Will it be wise to go with facial idea for your kids??

The answer is YES…These days very mild cosmetics for children are easily obtainable in the market. You can get them online and you will get good discounts on them.

chocolate make up
There is another way out, you can prepare a homemade facial mask.

You can prepare edible Chocolate Face Mask at home. The recipe of this chocolate mask is fun and easy to make.

I can assure you that you and your kids will love this mask, because the ingredients used in this mask are all natural and completely safe for the skin.

Above all you don’t need much to prepare this edible chocolate facial mask. You’ll require:

• Oatmeal,
• Greek yogurt,
• Honey and
• Cocoa powder (very important) for this recipe.

If you don’t get Greek yogurt, you can replace it with plain yogurt, sour cream, or even simple crème.

There are lots of recipes for making chocolate make-up, but this one is not just simple, but cost effective also. So, here is the recipe of “Edible Chocolate Face Mask with instructions”:

Ingredients required for a Group Use:

• Ground or finely crushed (blended) oatmeal – 3 tbsp.
• Plain greek yogurt – 2 tbsp.
• Cocoa powder – 1/3c.
• Honey – 1/4 c.

chocolate make up for kids
Note: You can find out more details along with facial mask recipes that are good to kids’ skin type.


• Take all the ingredients and evenly mix them.
• Ask your daughter and her friends to tie their hairs with band and make a ponytail and use a headband to avoid any stray hairs out of the way.
• Carefully and evenly apply the mask on to the face while gradually massaging into skin.
• To get good results leave the mask for 30 minutes (For younger girls only 15 minutes are sufficient)
• After 15 minutes, ask them to wash their face with warm water and feel soft skin.

3 Reasons Why You Should Buy Military Surplus Clothing

Military surplus is a term used for describing the clothing and equipment which is no longer required by the military forces. This doesn’t mean that these clothes and equipment are old or are not usable.

Here are some basic reasons why military products are considered as surplus:

* With the arrival of new equipment into the service or when a new technology or techniques are into progress, the government thinks that their previous equipment is more than required. Sometimes these equipment are in good condition and have several years remaining for further usage. It is a great way of buying these products at a low price.

Military surplus equipment are often famous for the quality of the materials used in its fabrication. They are not always trademarked materials but are not of low quality.

For instance, the military trousers are commonly made with a tough stitching and fabricated with a tough material. They are also designed with several pockets so that the sundry items remain safe.

* The high quality and high-value products provided by the military surplus give consumers an opportunity to wear high-priced products from leading manufactures.

The color scheme of the military surplus clothing is suitable for many outdoor activities. The material and the camouflage prints used in the military clothing is suitable for hunters, bird watchers, and people.

There are two common sources where army surplus is available. Buyers can either find it in military surplus stores on the high street markets or online. Both offer a great deal of pricing to the customers.

However, because of the lower expenses in the internet, customers hunt down to find the lowest deals online.

But the advantage of trying out the products which are important about sizing such as army boots makes the military surplus conventional stores more popular especially for some special types of purchases.

How To Choose A Perfect Pair Of Sunglasses

In summers, it becomes important to have a pair of sunglasses to protect your eyes from harmful UV rays. There is a huge collection of women sunglasses available online as wells as on conventional shops. Picking the one that suits your face type is very important to look attractive.

Wearing sunglasses can add a grace to your personality as it is considered as the most fashionable accessory that adds color to your simple outfit. You can select your sunglass from the variety of options such as cat eye, square, sport and round sunglasses.

Let’s check few points you should consider while buying sunglasses for yourself.

  1. Check a wide variety of sunglasses before grabbing one.
  2. Buy classic and stylish sunglasses at a reasonable cost.
  3. Always buy customized branded sunglasses.
  4. Look for simple yet elegant designer sunglasses.

Women like wearing branded sunglasses to look gorgeous and elegant as it provides a sophisticated appearance to your look. It also helps in transforming your whole face. You can buy a wide range of stylish womens sunglasses from top brands at best price online.

To get a sporty look you can wear glasses with dynamic lines. They are modern sunglasses with great features. However, if you want a classy look then buy sunglasses with straight lines and simple design.

Apart from the look, it is also essential to check if you are comfortable wearing a particular sunglasses. For instance, if you are driving a car and the sun rays directly fall into your eyes and if the shades you are wearing don’t fit properly then you may feel uncomfortable and suffer a headache.

Durability is another factor to consider if you are looking for sunglasses. Sunglasses of low quality get scratched and broken easily. It is important to pick a sunglass that is made up of fiber and which is unbreakable.

Sunglasses are available in different shades and colors, so choose a shade that fits the complexion of your face and also the shape of the face.